T3 Webinar ACT Prep 2023

TI-84 CE and TI-Nspire

January 17 2023            tom@tomreardon.com


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PDF of Tom's Presentation with all the ACT problems and solutions!

TI-84 CE programs in a zip folder

RESETGR3 - program clears all 'y =' and resets the colors; creates 3 GDBs: 

1. double decimal window           2. Quadrant 1 (square)          3. Nice trig graphing window

PTRIPLES - program that helps students learn the Pythagorean Triples that are common on the ACT

PERAMPE2 - program that helps students recognize period and amplitude from trig graphs & equations

TI-Nspire version of PERAMPE2 (as described above)

TI-Nspire document with several pre-created windows and grids

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Families of Functions - 250+ Video Series online!

Essential: get the interactive PDF to share with students and teachers here