Yansen Sheng

Maze Game Demo


This is a maze game demo developed by me and Bochang Wu made upon PrimeEngine. PrimeEngine is a preliminary game engine written in C++ with Python and Lua scripts, developed by Artom Kovalovs, and is used as a tool for the course Game Engine Development.

For a full description about the game engine development, please see here.

Please turn subtitle on when watching.


          • Particle System

We supported glowing texture for the particle system. We applied a glowing map texture to the particle mesh. When rendering, the shader program will sample the glowing texture so that for every glowing pixel, it will average its glowing value with its neighboring four pixels horizontally (two on the left and two on the right) and vertically (two on the top and two on the bottom). Then the final drawing shader will apply this glowing value to the current color for each pixel. This makes the glowing effect has a fixed two-pixel width. Particles far away from the camera will have a more obvious glowing effect, while the ones near the camera will be more bright but have less obvious glowing on their boundary.

          • Random Map Generation

We implemented a global array to store all the obstacles, and when the current map needs to update, we rearrange and re-scale all the obstacles and re-bake the navmesh.

          • Player Control

We supported keyboard input and Xbox controller input.

          • NavMesh Grid
          • Simple Physics Collision