Yansen Sheng

About Myself

Hi! My name is Yansen Sheng and I'm a second year master student at USC, major in computer science and specializing in game development.

I study about game engine development at USC GamePipe Lab. I specialize in linear algebra, algorithms, data structure, operating system and graphics language, and have decent level of machine learning, database and data processing.

I'm looking for opportunities to work in game industry. I wish to work with a team in the future to build a piece of game that many people would enjoy and love.


    • A puzzle game based on optical illusion and impossible objects
    • Made with Unity3D in C#
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    • Camera Culling
    • Physics
    • Wind Effect
    • Particle System
    • NavMesh
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    • Heightfield Water Simulation
    • Environmental Mapping
    • Caustics
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