SysConTalks is an initiative by the Ph.D. students of the Systems and Control group at IIT Bombay. We organize seminars by researchers at the forefront of Academia and the Industry, and our aim is to provide an engaging platform for students such as ourselves to learn from the best minds in the broad areas of systems and control, optimization, and data science. 

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Dr. Raunak Bhattacharyya

Oxford Robotics Institute, University of Oxford

TitleTowards Effective Human-Robot Collaboration in Shared Autonomy Systems

Schedule2:30 PM, September 18, 2023

Venue:  SysCon Seminar Room


Automated agents have the potential to augment human capabilities in safety-critical applications such as medical diagnosis, robotic surgery, driving and service and inspection. As the field of robotics and AI is quickly emerging, one critical and challenging problem is ensuring that autonomous agents can collaborate and interact with humans. In this talk, I will present our work on how automated agents can model human decision making, plan around human operators, and explain their decisions. First, I will present an approach based on imitation learning to model real-world human behavior and demonstrate its application to model human driving trajectories. Second, I will present a hybrid data-driven and rule-based approach to generate novel scenarios which can be used for planning. Third, I will present ongoing work on explainable automated agents. Finally, I will discuss my future research plan centered around shared autonomous systems which includes optimally allocating authority between automated and human controllers, learning from imperfect demonstrations, metacognition for human-robot collaboration, and safe autonomous planning in the presence of humans.


Dr. Raunak Bhattacharyya is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Oxford Robotics Institute, University of Oxford. His research focuses on human-autonomy interaction in shared autonomy systems. Raunak completed his Ph.D. at Stanford University, where he was a doctoral researcher in the Stanford Intelligent Systems Lab. He earned two Master's Degrees, in Computer Science and in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech, and an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Bombay. Raunak received the Postdoctoral Enrichment Award from the Alan Turing Institute, UK, and the Graduate Research Award from the Transportation Research Board, USA.

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