Syrian Mathematical Olympiad


Syrian Mathematical Olympiad 

This site is concerned with the training of young Syrian students in Olympiad Mathematics and Problem solving Strategies, and is open to the public 

أولمبياد الرياضيات السوري 

يهتم هذا الموقع بتدريب الطلاب السوريين الشباب على رياضيات الأولمبياد واستراتيجيات حل المسائل، وهو مفتوح للجميع

What are the subjects to be studied?

How to study/train? 

This is one of the most important tasks. Students are graded according to what they write in their papers! How correct their ideas, are or how deep their insight on any problem does not count unless it is clearly explained by writing.  

The language used in mathematics is very precise, Let us learn about it.

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