SYNC Early Career Workshop

University of California Davis

August 8th to August 12th

A workshop for early career researchers in

Symplectic and Contact Topology

Mentors: R. Casals (UCD), H. Gao (MSU), O. Lazarev (UMB), C. Leverson (Bard), J. Nelson (Rice U)

Topics: Weinstein structures & Lagrangian skeleta, Cluster structures & microlocal theory of sheaves, Augmentations & Lagrangian fillings of Legendrian links, and Symplectic embeddings.

Location: Mathematical Science Building Room 1147, UC Davis Campus

For the Wednesday Q&A Session: Q&A Participant Form

Exit survey: Survey

Format: Each day will be dedicated to a specific topic. Mornings will consist of three research talks on this topic, focusing on recent developments and useful techniques for doing research. The first talk will be given by one of the leading mentors, the other two talks will be given by participants. Afternoons will consist of research working groups, where participants break into groups to do research on open problems.

Lead Organizers: O. Capovilla-Searle, R. Casals, C. Leverson

Contact Us: sync.workshop1 - at -
This workshop is supported by the NSF CAREER Program.