My Neighbourhood

By Sylvia Duckworth

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Welcome to Toronto! I love my city for many reasons. Mostly because it's beautiful, friendly, cosmopolitan, culturally diverse and multi-ethnic. Toronto has many great neighbourhoods (check pages, above), and we are within walking distance to all of them. But I love my neighbourhood the most: St. Lawrence Market.

We live right downtown, at Jarvis and Queen, about a 15 minute walk to the beautiful Lake Ontario waterfront.

This site has been created with Google Sites, mostly with 360° images taken from Google Street View (from Google Maps). Please click inside the images and look around! If you click on "View on Google Maps" you will see a larger version. The images with the arrows inside were taken by Google and you can advance within the image by clicking on the arrows. The other 360s were taken by the general public (or by me) and you can scroll around to look around.

I first learned how to embed 360° images from Donnie Piercey, then Kim Pollishuke created this amazing tutorial. Click here to learn how to create your own 360° images with the Google Street View app.

Please note that navigating this site is a little tricky on a mobile device. It's much easier on a laptop. If you are on a mobile device, once you click on an image, then "View on Google Maps", you need to re-open your browser (double click on your home button on an iPhone) to get back to this site.

This is our living room with a city view, looking north.

This is our building on Queen Street. We are on the top floor. This is looking south.

Look up. Way up! The CN Tower is Toronto’s tallest and most defining landmark which stretches more than 550 metres into the sky.

The top of the CN tower. I don't know who these people are but they must have used a 360° camera to get this amazing shot.

The Eaton's Centre (which is just down the street from us) with the iconic flying Canada geese. (This is not a 360 image, btw.)