Let the different language parts grow together

and make better Larps

swisslarp is a project to improve the quantity, quality and diversity of Swiss Larp and to let the different language parts grow together and therefore create a bigger and more heterogeneous community.

There is a yearly meeting where Larpers from Switzerland and worldwide come together and discuss the similarities and differences of Larp in the different language parts of Switzerland.

The first swisslarp meeting took place on the 16 of September 2017 in the musigbörse in Bern.

Click here to see the protocol of the meeting.

swisslarp rests on the following three pillars:


What has happened in the Swiss Larp scene? What has happened in the French, Italian or German speaking parts? Where and which were cool new Larps in Switzerland and all over the world? Are there any active Larp groups near my hometown? This is the first pillar of swisslarp and questions like the ones above and many more will be answered over a central website which we are currently building. Once finished, you can inform the community about your Larp experiences.


The second pillar of swisslarp brings together people who are interested in Larp. Its focus will be to enable Swiss Larpers to connect across the language barrier in order to unify the Swiss Larp scene as much as possible. Come and share your ideas, views and experiences concerning Larp with others.

Project groups

The third pillar and heart of swisslarp is to form project groups with like minded people to work on subjects they wish to improve. No rules, no regulations, no limits - each project group is absolutely independent. The only requirement is that they choose a representative who will attend the yearly meeting to inform the community about their ideas and progress.

Why we do it

The hobby Larp is not a new phenomenon. For years now, very creative and involved people have been playing a wide variety of roles and organized an enormous diversity of Larps without remuneration. We currently see a great leap forward in the quality and diversity of international Larps. The way is clear: Make Larp better through making better Larps!

But unfortunately the Swiss scene is not catching up on the international spirit. We even saw a decrease in organised Larps in the last few years and we wonder if it's not possible to improve Larp in Switzerland as well? And that is exactly what swisslarp is about. We will not offer a strict and narrow minded meeting with people who to tell you what you should do and what you can't do. We want a meeting that openly discusses problems, possibilities and solutions with the clear goal of achieving better Larps.

Furthermore we want a meeting that closes the language gaps in Switzerland because a bigger scene is a better scene. The more people who involve themselves in our hobby, the more ideas are spread and hopefully the more games getting organized will help all of us in doing what we love some much – Larping!

How we want to do it

Great, we want to make Larp better! But how are we going to do this?

First of all it is very important to understand, that the people who came up with the idea of swisslarp can't do this alone. A national, inter-lingual meeting will only work if it is accepted, supported and carried by the community. People who might already have a great idea shall find like minded people to work together in project groups. These groups meet independently during the year and improve whatever they decided to improve. Only one group member needs to come to the yearly swisslarp meeting to inform the community about the progress of the year. Through this we hope to guide the creative energy directly in to solution-orientated processes. Hence, the yearly swisslarp meetings are basically networking events, where you witness each project group’s progress, can meet new people, old friends or get some information on what has been going on in the Swiss Larp scene.

If you have any questions, ideas, feedback or comments do not hesitate to contact us. We all will gladly take time for your concerns. swisslarp will only work if enough people are willing to put time and effort into it.

Why is here everything in English?

It is necessary to have a platform with a common language to grant access to all interested members of the Swiss Larp community, regardless of their mother tongue. English is after all, the language most of us speak well enough to participate in discussions.