Craig Robinson

Growing up in South Africa Craig had to choose between cricket and swimming. He chose cricket, but came back so swimming through Olympic distance triathlon. No, he does not want to do an iron-man; do you know how long that is?

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Joe Gardner

Technical program manager in Austin & avid masters swimmer.

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Erik Haugen

Erik loves swimming and water sports. A bay area native, in years past he swam for PASC (now PASA) and Mountain View Masters. He's been at Google for over 10 years, and other companies in the valley before that. In his free time he hangs out with his two boys.

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Sven Mawson

Longtime Googler working in Cloud and middle-of-the-pack amateur triathlete.

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Collin Johnston

Software Engineer and Masters swimmer at the Santa Clara Bay Club. [Linked-In] [Moma]

Tom Dowd

From Chicago Tom swam on high school team (Go Titans!). University studies (and natural ability) prevented further organized swimming but he dabbled in Club Water Polo in College.

He really appreciates the ability to swim at Google to keep in shape now.

He prefers the cold Pacific over the Atlantic.

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Rob Gray

Rob Gray is a long distance triathlete, having completed 17 x Ironman and 5 x Ultraman (a 3 day triathlon stage race). Rob won Ultraman Florida in 2016 and won the Ultraman World Championship in 2017.

In his day job, Rob leads a sales training team for Google's Cloud business in Boulder, Colorado.

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Joe Young

Video Codec Algorithm Engineer.

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