Class Descriptions

Lesson Types


1 Instructor to 1 Student

8x15 Minute Lessons


1 Instructor to 2 Students

8x30 Minute Lessons


1 Instructor to 4 Students

8x30 Minute Lessons

Group Lesson Levels

Preschool 1

Requirements: Ages 3 to 5, student has little or no water experience.

Skills Taught: Face and head submerging, relaxed stomach and back float, holding proper body position, proper kicking, blowing bubbles, and bobbing.

Preschool 2

Requirements: Ages 3 to 5, comfortable with water, and able to fully submerge head.

Skills Taught: Retrieving objects underwater, front and back floating without support, proper kicking, body positioning, and rhythmic breathing.

Preschool 3

Requirements: Ages 3 and older, able to do above skills (with or without aid).

Skills Taught: Refining Preschool 2 skills to be used unaided, plus taking a breath and returning to swimming.

Freestyle 1

Requirements: Competence in Preschool 3 skills.

Skills Taught: Rhythmic side breathing, one arm pulling with a breath, timing of breathing, proper kicking, and basic arm drills.

Freestyle 2

Requirements: Competence in Freestyle 1 skills.

Skills Taught: Refining of Freestyle 1 drills, catch up freestyle, six-kick switch, synchronization of arms, breathing, and kicking.

Advanced 1

Requirements: Competence in Freestyle 2 skills.

Skills Taught: Review of freestyle, basics of backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Advanced 2

Requirements: Competence in Advanced 1 skills, involvement with some form of competitive swim program.

Skills Taught: Technical stroke instruction, mastery of drills within each stroke, rhythmic work in breast and fly.

Private and Semi-Private Lesson Levels

The content and pace of private and semi-private lessons will be assessed on an individual basis by each instructor for each lesson, though specific requests may be considered.

Note: All lessons, group or private, require a waiver before entering the water.