Swim Team

If your child has ever considered joining a swim team, Creekside is the perfect place to get them involved. With fantastic coaches and a friendly and welcoming team, the Creekside Swim Team offers a supportive environment to improve swimming skills, gain confidence, and grow sportsmanship - all while having a great time!


Creekside is in the "B" Division of the Delco Swimming and Diving League.


May 31 - June 17
From the day after Memorial Day through the last week of school:

    • M-F 3:30-4:30pm Kids in middle/high school

    • M-F 4:30-5:30pm Kids in elementary school

June 20 - July 29
Once summer begins, for the remaining season:

    • M-F 8:00-9:00am Kids 10 and under

    • M-F 9:00-10:00am Kids 11 and over


See schedule under "Documents" for exact dates/times.

    • JV - swimmers 12 and under:

      • Wednesday evenings 6pm-8pm (warm-up @ 5pm)

    • Varsity - ALL swimmers:

      • Saturday mornings 9am-Noon (warm-up @ 8am)


    • Age 5-8: FREE

    • Age 9+: $80 per swimmer, up to $200 per family


    • May 22 (Sun 2pm) Interest Meeting

    • May 31 (Tues) Swim team tryouts/
      First day of practice

    • June TBA Time trials

    • June TBA Team pictures (bring checkbook!)

    • July 30 (Sat) Champs (@ Conestoga)

    • July 31 (Sun) Meet of Champs (@ Ridley Township)

    • July 31 (6pm) Swim team banquet

    • Aug 2 (Tues) Elite Meet ( @ Primos Secane)


Home swim meet!

Go Creekside!

swim 2018.wmv

Thanks for a great year!


  • Girls/Women: Sporti Piped Splice Wide Strap - available at swimoutlet.com

  • Boys/Men: Sporti Piped Splice Swim Jammer - available at swimoutlet.com


How long is the swim team season?

    • The swim team season goes from the day after Memorial Day through the end of July.

How much of a time commitment is the swim team?

    • Practices: Plan on your child attending a 1-hour practice every weekday after school (until school lets out), and then every weekday morning (for the rest of the season).

    • Meets: In addition to swim practices, there are JV swim meets (for kids 12 and under) on Wednesday evenings, and Varsity swim meets (for all kids!) on Saturday mornings. Swim meets start in late June and go through the end of July.

How does my child get on the swim team?

    • Your child needs to be able to swim one length of the pool unassisted, without struggling ('big' arms, face in the water), and meet minimum safety requirements (such as treading water). After that, the coaches will take it from there!

    • If your child does not qualify for the team, they may be placed on the "Pre-Team" where they will get additional instruction and the opportunity to try out for the team again after a few weeks.

My child isn't that great of a swimmer, and they don't know all the strokes. Should they join?

    • Yes! The most wonderful aspect of swim team is the consistent practices and instruction you get from our wonderful coaches, turning your kids into strong swimmers! As long as they qualify to get on the team, they can join!

My child goes to the camp at NPE (or other camps) - how does that work with practice?

    • If your child attends the camp at NPE, most parents have their child attend the early practice and either have their child leave practice a little early to go to the camp, or stay for the whole practice and show up a little later to camp. Both the camp and swim practice are flexible with this!

    • If your child attends another camp that they need to get to, they can leave practice early as needed or skip certain days. Be sure to discuss this with the coaches so they know what's going on. We just want your kids to swim as much as they can as long as it doesn't cause any extra stress!

What are the end-of-season championships?

There are three end-of-season championships:

    • Division Champs: The Delco Swim League is made up of three divisions (A, B, C). "Champs" is a meet made up of the top two swimmers (over the season) from each club in their Division. The top two winners from each event move on to the "Meet of Champs."

    • Meet of Champs: This meet is made up of the top two winners from each of the Division Champs meets (from ALL swim clubs in the league: A, B, and C). Approximately 16 swim clubs participate. The top two winners from this meet go on to the Elite Meet.

    • Elite Meet: This is the final meet of the season, and is made up of the top two swimmers from each event from the Meet of Champs.

Drone footage of the 2021 Meet of Champs at Creekside.

Creekside celebrating their 'C' Division Champs win in 2015!

Creekside's 'C' Division Champs in 2019 after an undefeated season!


Jesse Marsh

Alex Sumner

Zach Sumner


2022 Varsity Swim Team Schedule


VAR June 25 (Sat) (AWAY) Creekside @ Conestoga

JV June 29 (Wed) (HOME) Brookhaven @ Creekside

VAR July 2 (Sat) (AWAY) Creekside @ Broomall's Lake

JV July 6 (Wed) (AWAY) Creekside @ Knowlton

VAR July 9 (Sat) (HOME) Ridley Park @ Creekside

JV July 13 (Wed) (HOME) Briarcliffe @ Creekside

VAR July 16 (Sat) (HOME) Springfield CC @ Creekside

JV July 20 (Wed) BYE Week

VAR July 23 (Sat) (HOME) Knowlton @ Creekside

JV July 27 (Wed) (AWAY) Creekside @ Ridley Township

Division Champs July 30 (Sat) @ Conestoga

Meet of Champs July 31 (Sun) @ Ridley Township

Elite Meet Aug 2 (Tues) @ Primos Secane


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