Swierk Organismal Ecology Lab

The Swierk Organismal Ecology Lab studies the adaptations that animals use to cope with challenges in their environments. Our work examines trait functional significance, using both ecological and evolutionary approaches. Primarily, we focus on traits related to animal communication, sexual selection, and reproduction. Our work is grounded in natural history and is centered on two diverse groups of organisms: lizards and frogs.


Lab: 255 Science 4Dr. Swierk’s Office: 206 Science 4Dr. Swierk’s Phone: 607-777-4121Email: lswierk@binghamton.edu

Physical Address

Department of Biological Sciences4400 Vestal Parkway EastBinghamton UniversityBinghamton, New York 13902 USA

The Swierk Lab is privileged to work on land that constitutes the the traditional territories of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (Haudenosaunee) and Onundagaonoga (Onondaga) in the USA,
the Tjer-di/Teribe Broram in Costa Rica, and the Maijuna and Kichwa del Río Napo in Perú.