Welcome to the website for Southwest Area Type 1 Incident Management Team 1 (Alan Sinclair, IC).

Southwest Area Incident Management Team (IMT) 1 provides an organized, professional and highly skilled response to complex emergency incidents.

We are one of 16 Type 1 IMTs available for assignment through a rotation to manage large-scale, complex incidents anywhere in the United States. These incidents usually involve significant wildfires, but Type 1 Teams can be assigned to any complex all-risk situation which could include hurricanes, floods and other disasters. Several Type 1 teams were assigned to assist FEMA after the September 11th attack, the shuttle recovery effort and Hurricane Katrina. Our Team operates under the standards of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group with oversight by the Southwest Area Coordinating Group.

We are comprised of member from local, state and federal organizations from all across the U.S., but primarily the Southwest.

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