Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Sacred Heart of Jesus Conference

P.O. Box 98, Superior, WI 54880

(715) 398-4039

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul exists to serve those in need with love, compassion, respect, and generosity, while deepening our spirituality as members, forming abiding friendship, and fostering community with those we serve. We are members of our community who share a deep ethic of care for our neighbors who are unhoused, displaced, hungry, ill, or vulnerable in other ways.  We serve the greater Superior area, meeting in person with individuals and families to address their basic, immediate needs providing material goods and financial assistance. We collaborate with community partners to help those in need to find long-term, sustainable resources, supporting their journeys to self-sufficiency and stability. 

Mission Statement -  As a network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.

Vision Statement -  The vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Conference is to live out our Catholic faith through engaging those we meet with love, friendship, respect and hope. We advocate and work  toward a more just and caring society.

Guiding Principles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Conference

·         No work of charity is foreign to the Society 

·         The Society is concerned with and advocates charity and justice.

·         We grow in faith together through serving those in need.

·         We grow in faith and serve others in friendship and solidarity. 

·         We embrace simplicity, creativity, and Divine Providence.

·         We strive to develop relationships of trust and friendship.

·         We honor and respect the dignity and worth of all people

·         We value and collaborate with others vested in promoting self-sufficiency and well-being for all.