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Infection Mitigation Plan

The COVID-19 landscape is fluid and changing rapidly; guidelines have evolved and will continue to evolve. Therefore, many of the plans listed in this section may be altered at any point during the school year.

Community Letter

Updates to COVID-19 School Operations Plan - August 2021

Hello SVDP Community,

Saint Vincent de Paul School is committed to delivering our vision and mission through an educational experience based on adaptive and flexible programming when necessary. We look forward to beginning the school year with teaching and learning reflective of pre-pandemic practices with COVID-19 mitigation guidelines firmly in place.

Our guiding principles remain:

  • Health and safety must always be at the forefront of our decision- making.

  • Our planning must reflect the vision and mission of Saint Vincent de Paul School.

  • Health and hygiene policies will reflect the most recent city, county, and state guidelines.

  • We must be able to pivot throughout the school year, as the reality of COVID-19 is likely to change.

  • Our decisions and practices must support equity across our community as best as possible.

The SVDP Taskforce has updated our Health and Safety Plan for the new school year to reflect the changes provided by the CDC, CDPH, and SFDPH.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate the ever change landscape of schooling during a pandemic.


This Operations Plan has been updated to reflect the State of California’s COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2021-22 School Year issues on July 12, 2021.

Face Coverings

Students in all grade levels K-8 will be required to wear face coverings while indoors and outdoors at school

All staff are required to wear face coverings when sharing indoor spaces with students.

● CPDH recommends disposable 3-ply surgical masks, which are more effective than cloth face coverings

● Bandanas, gaiters, and similar face coverings are no longer acceptable

● Additional masks will be available to students who inadvertently fail to bring a face covering to school

● Under CDPH guidelines, students who refuse to wear a face mask as required will be sent home

Classroom Spaces

Recent evidence indicates that in-person instruction can occur safely without minimum physical distancing requirements when other mitigation strategies (e.g., masking) are implemented. Classes will be reflective of pre-pandemic practices - whole class instruction, students transition/travel between core classes and co-curricular classes.


Ventilation will be maximized within all occupied indoor spaces through some combination of operable windows, mechanical ventilation systems, and/or portable air cleaners in a manner that complies with county guidance.

Hand Hygiene

All classrooms, staff rooms, and dining areas are stocked with hand hygiene stations consisting of soap and water or hand sanitizer. All individuals will be encouraged to practice regular hand hygiene.

Meals and Snacks

When eating in the cafe, students will be appropriately spaced at assigned seats, and eat in silence -- silent snack and silent lunch will be practiced and monitored. Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned before and after meals.

Stay Home When Sick

A list of COVID-19 symptoms will be given to staff, volunteers, students, and families. We will require symptomatic staff and students to stay home when sick, get tested, and consult with their health care provider. Schools are no longer required to confirm that these checks have been completed each day or conduct them onsite.


We strongly encourage people with symptoms of COVID-19 to get tested, regardless of their vaccination status, as well as those who are unvaccinated and are close contacts of those with COVID-19.

SFDPH does not recommend routine testing of asymptomatic staff or students if they have no known exposures.

Positive Cases

Individuals with symptoms or those who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be instructed to not return for in-person instruction until they meet all of the conditions outlined in

Isolation of Cases

Individuals who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms while onsite will be required to be sent home. Students who become sick and are waiting to be picked up are required to wait in a designated isolation space.


All students and staff are required to adhere to the SFDPH guidelines for quarantine, located in Quick Guide for Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in Schools, Childcare, and Programs for Children and Youth. The guidelines state that if students wore masks at all times that they were exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual within a classroom, students are permitted a 10-day modified quarantine in which they may still attend in-person instruction if they are (1) asymptomatic, (2) do not participate in extracurricular actives during the 10-day period, and (3) get tested twice per week.

See RESOURCE page for more information.

A Message from the Superintendent of Schools - August 2021

ADSF Summer Letter 2021.pdf

Community Letter - July 2021

Hello SVDP Community,

We are mid-summer and busily preparing for the reopening of school. We are looking forward to seeing all of our students return to campus in the fall.

On Friday, July 16th, the SFDPH shared its updated guidance for TK-12 schools for in-person, on-site instruction for school year 2021-2022. The guidance aligns with the latest updates by the CDC and the CDPH TK-12 Guidance.

The SVDP Taskforce will work on updating our Health and Safety Plan to reflect the changes and will share the plan with the greater community upon completion. For the time being, here is a summary of the major revisions.

1) Everyone must wear face masks indoors at schools, even if fully vaccinated.

  • SVDP will require the wearing of masks both indoors and outdoors for consistency.

2) Updated testing recommendations.

  • SVDP will no longer conduct surveillance testing of staff members.

  • Vaccinated staff members will only need to be tested if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

3) Physical distancing and cohorting are not required.

  • Classrooms have been reconfigured to pre-pandemic status and will accommodate whole class instruction at each grade level.

4) Modified quarantine.

  • Unvaccinated masked students with close contact to another masked student with COVID-19 may continue to attend school with testing.

A "What's Allowed" section has been added which the School Reopening Task Force will review and align with SVDP campus protocols. This outlines what types of events are permitted and what precautions schools must follow to conduct events such as Back to School Dinner/dance, Open House tours, overnight camps, etc... In addition, mitigation for wildfire smoke and poor air quality has been added to the Ventilation section.

The SVDP community is encouraged to get their family members vaccinated. Vaccinated adults in a household protect the children under the age of 12 within that home.

Stay healthy! Stay safe!


Please Note:

Guidance for school reopening has been provided. Out of School Time or OST guidance is forthcoming.

The OST guidance will determine the mandated protocols and procedures necessary to conduct after school activities such as Extended Care, dePaul Youth Club -- open gym, athletic practices and sports games, extracurriculars provided by outside vendors, and other school events outside of the school day.

This guidance should be released in the near future. SVDP has been planning to provide access to all of these activities and will follow the city/state guidance related to these types of activities and events.

The school liaison to the LHD is: Marguerite Pini at

Please be advised that all guidance and protocols are subject to change.