If you would like to help us celebrate the day as we build a life together, we are working on a few projects that could use your support.

Life on Land

We’re lucky to have many of our household necessities already in place, but you can help us fill in the gaps and upgrade daily essentials for everything from our current life style (a 28' boat) to our long term goals (a full kitchen and space for books someday).

The Ahava Collection

We hope to live our lives together surrounded by objects of beauty and meaning. We know many of you are talented artists - quilters, painters, hand sketchers extraordinaire. If you would like to contribute an original piece you have made, we would love to accession your gift into our collection.

Build the library

We both dream of building a modest library to call home, keep our books and maybe raise a few bookworms. If you would like to sponsor a shelf, ladder, or a reading room, that is really welcome. Naming rights available.

Ship shape

We have a few ideas of how to take our boating life to the next level. We know several of you have years of experience with different makers and suppliers, so we defer to your judgement and expertise.

If you are interested in supporting our boat life but don’t know where to start, reach out and we can point you in the right direction.

Let us know if you would like to help us with any of these ideas and we’ll take it off the list.

Boat hook

Signal flags

Halyards and sheets

Sail ties

Solar panels

Electric Outboard

Diesel tune up

Rigging tune up

Two rigging knives

Set of paper charts

Offshore inflatable life vest

Dock lines

Marine solar panels + Inverter

Marine hand held radios (x2)