MICCAI 2019 Workshop on Smart UltraSound Imaging

We are proud to announce the first Smart Ultrasound Imaging Workshop (SUSI), to be held as satellite to MICCAI 2019 in Shenzhen, China, 13 October 2019, 8:00 to 11:30 AM.

This workshop aims at promoting ultrasound image computing, particularly focusing on smart computational methods applied on ultrasound images.

Update: the proceedings have been published in a joint LNCS proceeding here.

Ultrasound imaging is one of the most widespread imaging modalities, used in a number of clinical applications. It is widely available, relatively inexpensive, and safe for all patients. It is the primary imaging modality in cardiac and maternity units, and safe to use on patients with implants of any kind. However, ultrasound imaging is generally difficult to acquire, interpret and analyse compared to other imaging modalities such as MRI, XRay, PET and CT.

The MICCAI community has an established history of interest in ultrasound imaging, both in ultrasound image computing and ultrasound guided interventions. Ultrasound image analysis is one of the few topics that covers both the MIC and CAI aspects of this conference, and as such allows the possibility to unite researchers from each of these worlds in a common forum.

The scope of this workshop will be computational methods applied to medical ultrasound imaging. The focus will be transversal to all clinical applications, including cardiac (echocardiography), fetal, abdominal, vascular, etc., and including transthoracic / transabdominal, transesophageal, transvaginal and transrectal transducer technologies. The workshop will cover the use of any ultrasound imaging mode, including the widespread B-Mode, including plane wave imaging and virtual aperture techniques, as well as Colour/Power Doppler, but also M-Mode, A-Mode, Continuous Wave and Pulsed Wave Doppler when the main contribution is related to the use of imaging data. Two and three dimension imaging data, still and sequences, for offline and real-time applications will be considered.

Accepted papers will be published in a joint LNCS volume. Please check our call for papers and stay tuned for the program!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the members of the Organising Committee.


8 Jan 2020: SUSI was featured on the January edition of the Computer Vision News, read the article here