Art Quilts by

Susanna Hotchkiss

Those who wish to sing always find a song ~~~ Swedish proverb

My Artistic Voice


My philosophy on Art is spiritual.

I see Art as the manifestation of inspiration. For me, it is a nurturing relationship full of life. It is my tango with the universe, the intertwining of the microcosm of myself with the macrocosm of All That Is.

Art is a spiritual journey of understanding my whole nature and the amazing interconnectedness of all Life. Art calls on us to be open, receptive, daring yet playful.

I create Art when I feel aligned with my sacred center. When we become One with this live ever-streaming connection within ourselves and follow inspiration and let our imagination ignite an idea, visionary Art happens.

Art, then, exists as a formidable force and becomes the unique expression of our own inner voice. To allow our inner light to shine outwardly is to shine a light and mirror on all of humanity.

This is when Art Rocks!


I am a Visual Artist living in Florida.

My profound interests in Dreams, Spirituality and the Healing Arts along with my passion for pondering Life bring different angles to my work. I love the softer medium of fabric to convey a message in tactile form.

My work is often stylized, featuring symbols addressing social and environmental issues or illustrating metaphysical concepts. I desire to showcase the dichotomy of our human condition: our strong feelings of separation and division vs. our equally strong desires & longings for unity and wholeness.

I especially like to create Art quilts which confront illusions, challenge norms, advocate causes or celebrate one's spiritual nature in hopes of scintillating the viewer's imagination to see or feel something anew.

It is the power of Art to move, which moves me.

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible ~~~ Jonathan Swift

Future exhibitions of Greenways, Blueways and Estuary Bays

See this work HERE on the promotional flyer for the SAQA global exhibit, travelling thru 2022

Greenways, Blueways and Estuary Bays

Read more information about this 4 panel abstract work here and how it represents my own backyard of Florida but could also represent your backyard, too.


"Greenways, Blueways and Estuary Bays" Art quilt is included

(See the Resume page for additional venues regarding this exhibit)



SAQA Global Exhibit

Connecting Our Natural Worlds



Quilt Festival

300 East Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, Califonia

July 9 - 11, 2020

cancelled due to Covid-19

Greenways, Blueways and Estuary Bays is one of 41 Art quilts included in this 3 year travelling exhibit. Each work expresses the theme, Connecting Our Natural Worlds, bringing attention to the plight of natural habitats and how we can act to protect these natural treasures in our own regions.

Going Down Under to Australia

Future exhibitions of I, TOO, AM THE FRAGRANCE OF THE EARTH

Touring 5 cities in 2020: Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra & Newcastle



SAQA Global Exhibit


One of 34 travelling Art quilts

Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show

South Brisbane, Australia

Nov 27 - 29, 2020

Brisbane Exhibition Centre, South Bank Glenelg Street

South Brisbane QLD 4101 Australia




"I, Too, Am The Fragrance of the Earth" is included

(see the Resume page for additional venues regarding this exhibit)

My Creations

Meditation ~ Spiritual

SPIRITUAL explores Spirituality and the Mystery of Life

NATURE spotlights Flora, Fauna and the natural Elements

CONTEMPORARY showcases Contemporary Art works

ABSTRACT ART presents a Free Play of thought and feeling

COMMENTARY raises Social and Environmental awareness

ART & POETRY engages a tango of Vision and Voice

SMALL ART QUILTS offer unique, smaller Art creations

ON CREATIVITY details my Work in Action

The RESUME page lists all Exhibits and Accomplishments

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Wherever you are, be there totally ~~~ Eckhart Tolle


a video showing the fusion of creativity

a tango of fiber art and music

Art quilts by Susanna Hotchkiss

Original music and choreography

c 2019 Virya Sisouphanouvong

Art is the Beauty of the Soul in Communication

Making Art simply nurtures my soul. I always look forward to the flow of inspiration giving birth to new ideas and energizing me to expand myself in a myriad of ways. It is my desire to create Fiber Art which instills a sense of wonder or Beauty in the eye of the beholder or which incites feeling in the viewer prompting questions or even spurring self-reflection.

Always JOYfully creating,

Susanna Hotchkiss

African Daisy photo by Jon Sullivan

May Art connect us. Thank you for visiting


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