Mind and Transformation

Coaching is all about your thoughts and thinking.

My goal, as a life coach, is to ask you questions that I hope will get you exploring deeper into your own ideas and find new possibilities and insights. I will not come up with answers for you but will ask questions so that you can discover answers for yourself.

A good life coach adds perspective and accountability to your personal growth. They challenge your unconscious biases and limiting thoughts and help you find your confident self, more content, and less stressed.

The introductory session is always free.

Who am I?

I am a CTI-trained life coach and I have been coaching for nearly a decade. Life coaching is a late-in-life avocation for me. I'm a writer and if my link tree didn't bring you here, this is it: www.linktr.ee/susanbcogan

I offer mindfulness training to every client. Mindfulness is an important tool to have in your kit even if you never sit a single minute in meditation. I know it doesn't make sense but it gets clearer over time. I also strongly encourage journaling.

I work with people who want to broaden and enrich their horizons in many areas of life.

I generally focus in three areas


I help people who want to broaden and enrich their creativity, whatever it might be. Whether you are staring at a blank canvas or have lots of ideas but can't seem to overcome hesitation, let's talk. We'll find a path forward.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction

Mindfulness is a learned skill that will allow you to release whatever is stressing you. We will get curious about the source of that stress and find new skills for handling it. And I won't make you meditate if you don't want to!


I work with Coaching Beyond the Fences which was designed by life coaches, former inmates, and currently incarcerated individuals to bridge the gap between society and life behind the fence. For more information, visit our website www.coachingbeyondthefences.com


The introductory session is free. I will want to chat with you for a while to see if we are a good fit. I have a sliding scale policy for people on tight budgets. Appointments are by phone or Zoom.

To find out my fees visit my Patreon page. I know using Patreon as a payment method is novel, but I'm going to give it a try for now. I can also take CashApp and PayPal. You will get a free subscription to my newsletter.

LET'S TALK: susan.cogan@gmail.com or call 405-360-1181 and leave a voice message (it will not accept a text message.)

Although life coaching is called "therapeutic conversation" I am not a therapist. I'm not trained like they are. However, I will help you find one, if needed and will gladly coach you if you are working with a therapist already.