How to...

Manage money, connect with customers, eat better, feel better, and lots more. If you’re trying to survive another shift in a restaurant or bar (or know someone who is!), this is the book for you!

Practical Advice

This book is a primer for anyone who is planning on joining the ranks of servers and bartenders for their new or recently new job. Working in the Food & Beverage industry presents unique challenges and coping mechanisms, and good advice is sometimes difficult to find. With chapters covering taxes, money management, relationships, drug and alcohol use and abuse, and much, much more, this short book can offer a wealth of perspective about a challenging and exciting occupation.

About The Author

Chet Kuhn is a twenty five year veteran bartender with an overabundance of stories to tell from The Industry. In addition to the Food & Beverage industry, he has also managed to fit in eight years in retail and corporate sales, providing a unique perspective on what makes people respond to servers and bartenders, and how to meet their needs. He loves biking, gardening, travel and reading. This is his first publication, and continues to serve food and drinks to everyone along the lake who can make time to stop by.

A Fantastic Gift!

This book might be entertaining if you’ve worked in the Food & Beverage Industry your entire life, but you probably won’t learn anything new. However, if you’re new to it, there’s a lot of things you should probably know! This makes a great gift for that young server or bartender who is brand new to the industry, and will help them navigate what can be a very disorienting profession.

What Fans Have To Say...

This book has tidbits on how you work with people. Not really a self help book, but interesting real life, make you think. Pick it up and read it, even if it’s just for entertainment.

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~ Selena K.

This is a great read for anyone who spends their day interfacing with the public.

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~Matt B.

Worth every penny.

Invest one small tip into being a happier, healthier staff member. You won’t be disappointed!