ALL PARENTS AND STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE INFORMATION IN FINAL FORMS EVERY SCHOOL YEAR. Please log on to to ensure your child’s paperwork is up to date before the start of the new school year. The link is on the front page of the school website at Contact the K-4 office secretary Joann Gabel at 419-595-2265 or the 5-12 office secretary Katelyn Puchta at 419-595-2256 for assistance.

New Riegel Community,

We begin 2021 with the hope of continued in-school instruction for most of our students attending New Riegel Local Schools. Students, parents and staff should be commended for their efforts in keeping our students safe and remaining in school. In our efforts, we have accomplished something that most school districts in the state of Ohio haven’t and it will be our continued goal for the second semester of 2021. Our second semester will begin on Tuesday, January 19.

We will continue to update the community on any new changes to our protocols and procedures through our One Call system and have the most current resources for parents to access on our COVID 19 folder on the school website.

The Seneca County Health Department has recently requested a survey of who wants to be vaccinated from our school staff. We have been told the opportunity to receive the vaccine for school staff will be coming in the health department’s 1B rollout. The vaccine will be optional for all school staff.

I wanted to again thank the New Riegel School community on passing our renewal of the income tax levy in November as we are committed to ensuring a quality education for our students while making fiscally responsible decisions running the school district. I would also like to recognize and thank our school board members for this year; Jaclyn Schalk, Rodney Biggert, Angel Bodart, Beth Kummerer and Jeff Hohman.

Happy New Year!

Mr. Rombach