Lets talk chemicals...

Sunshine Carpet Cleaners uses the finest and safest chemicals available. Many so-called Professional cleaners do not use advanced chemicals, but rely on just heat and suction or spot spraying to clean your carpet. We constantly strive to find and use the newest, safest and best chemicals to ensure superior results. Some of them include:


We use Microban QGC which is a multi-purpose Quaternary disinfectant which is used in homes, commercial institutions, day-care centers, nurseries and restaurants. It meets EPA standards for hospital disinfectants and it effectively kills viruses including HIV-1, the AIDS virus and Herpes Simplex Type I and II, and fungi.

Anti-Allergen Pre-Spray and Anti-Allergen Deodorizer (2 separate products):

Designed for anyone who suffers from allergies or are sensitive to harsh chemicals. It does not contain solvents, perfumes, phosphates or any other hazardous materials and is environmentally safe.

In our extraction process we inject Genicare's "Clean It" Extraction Solution. This is the experts choice for safe cleaning. It is an anionic, high performance, biodegradable, anti-corrosive, free rinsing formula that ensures superior cleaning results.

The Matrix Family of Fresh Deodorizers is a long time favorite of cleaners nationwide. We have a choice of scents you can select from, such as Herbal Fresh, Orange Fresh, or Vanilla Fresh among others, which will leave a pleasant scent to any cleaning job.

Pro's Choice OSR blends the power of natural oxygen with biological odor modification agents to destroy offensive odors and stains.

We continually update our chemicals and procedures to ensure the best cleaning program for your needs.

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