Sunnyside Education Association

Welcome to the Sunnyside Education Association! The SEA works for the advancement of public education, the welfare of the students of the Sunnyside School District, and the improvement of educational opportunities for all. The SEA represents all members in bargaining, grievances, and all matters relating to employment with the Sunnyside School District.

New News

Rep Council meetings are held via Zoom at 4:00pm. All members are welcome to attend. See your head building representative for the link every 3rd Thursday of the month.

Resources, resources, resources: Frontline educators, district administrators and leaders from community service groups have drafted a wide range of resources for students, parents and educators. Visit WEA's COVID-19 information clearinghouse, including advice on Self-Care for Educators, tips for daily wellness.

Teacher certificate expiration date extended for one year

The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) has extended the validity period on educator certificates expiring June 30, 2020 for one additional year. Read more.

Regarding school closure- Important words of wisdom from from WEA President, Larry Delaney:

"Please keep in mind this closure is unlike anything we have experienced before. Be mindful of your social media presence, and be sure you understand your continued professional responsibilities before making plans during the closure, keeping in mind that those responsibilities may change on a regular basis as the situation evolves. We strongly advise that you don't post on social media during the contract day. Additionally, don't post anything that could be construed as celebrating this time at home or viewing it as a vacation. Many students and families will be suffering during this closure. Your online presence will be your professional reputation as well.

Lastly, a reminder to be careful of your email/online communications with students. Those struggling at home may reach out with more emotion and needs than usual. Students may share more with you behind the protection of the screen. Keep counselors and administration notified of students with social/emotional needs. For your own professional safety, do not have texting conversations with students on your personal devices."

TPEP Evaluation Chronology Timeline - This is a helpful timeline regarding evaluation timelines.