The Mission of Summit for Soldiers is to provide community and peer-to-peer support, camaraderie and encouragement to struggling veterans and their families through Outreach, Education and our “Adven-Therapy” programs intended to remove the “Isolation” that can often lead to Suicide.


Our Vision is to provide veterans and their families a means of “escape and reset” through our adventure programs and activities, by removing them from their isolation, encouraging them to reach out for help, join us in our mission to eliminate the stigma and promote early detection and treatment for service-related mental health issues, and ultimately to eradicate Veteran Suicides. The vision is to plant SfS Chapters across the country.

Core Values


Community: Community outreach to bring awareness to PTSD and veteran suicide

Leadership: Leading veterans on a path to recovery

Inspire: Inspiring communities, veterans and families to come together to eliminate the stigma, promote early detection and treatment for PTSD and to fight veteran suicide.

Motivate: Motivating veterans to seek help and to help other veterans by setting the example

Believe: Believe that by coming together we CAN end Veteran Suicide!