I am a post-doc in the Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Caltech hosted by Chris Umans.

Research Interests: Algebraic Complexity Theory, Parallel Algorithms

Email: besusumanta [at] gmail [dot] com

Research Papers

  • Fast Multivariate Multipoint Evaluation Over All Finite Fields

with Vishwas Bhargava, Zeyu Guo, Mrinal Kumar and Chris Umans

FOCS 2022. [pdf]

  • Fast, Algebraic Multivariate Multipoint Evaluation in Small Characteristic and Applications

with Vishwas Bhargava, Mrinal Kumar, and Chandra Kanta Mohapatra

STOC 2022. [pdf]

  • Parallel Reduction from Weighted Matroid Intersection Search to Decision

with Rohit Gurjar and Roshan Raj

SODA 2022. [pdf]

  • Improved Hitting Set for Orbit of ROABPs

with Vishwas Bhargava

RANDOM 2021. [pdf]

  • Matroid Intersection: A pseudo-deterministic parallel reduction from search to weighted-decision

with Rohit Gurjar

RANDOM 2021. [pdf]

  • Bootstrapping Variables in Algebraic Circuits

with Manindra Agrawal and Nitin Saxena

STOC 2018, PNAS 2019. [pdf]

  • Towards Blackbox Identity Testing of log-variate Circuits

with Michael A.Forbes and Nitin Saxena

ICALP 2018. [pdf]

  • Permutation Groups and the Graph Isomorphism Problem

with Piyush P Kurur

Perspectives in Computational Complexity, The Somenath Biswas Anniversary Volume, 2014. [pdf]

Talks (Video)