Sugat Chaturvedi

Research Scholar, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Quantitative Economics at the Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. My research is concentrated in the fields of development economics, labor economics, and political economy as well as applications of machine learning in these areas. I am broadly interested in issues related to political institutions, gender, and conflict.

In my recent work, I examine why gender quotas in local government might matter in India by exploiting differential preferences of Hindu and Muslim women, relative to men, towards a public good. To this end, I identify religion of over 25 million households in rural Uttar Pradesh using a neural network model that I develop in another paper to infer religion from personal names in South Asia.

I use machine learning to uncover latent gender associations of words contained in online job ads to study how these shape applicants' job seeking behavior. I also focus on issues related to political institutions, ethnicity, and conflict. These include studying the impact of electoral systems on representation of ethnic minorities, and investigating the long-term effects of the Vietnam War on regional economic development.

Download my CV here.

E-mail: sugat [dot] chaturvedi [at] gmail [dot] com