Teacher Center Resources

About the Workroom

The teacher center is open 8:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday-Friday. Appointments are required to use the teacher center resources listed below. Please email Tahisha Hunter at thunter@wsboces.org to make an appointment.

Resources at the Center

Laminators- Two hot laminators and one cold laminator. The possibilities of preserving your instructional materials with these machines are endless!

Poster Printer- Creating a poster is a great way to enhance any classroom or bulletin board!

Button/Magnet Maker- This is a great way to bring a classroom to life. Download the button template on the SETC website and have students design their own button, make buttons with student names, roles for special events, or bring awareness to a pressing social issue! The opportunities are endless! button template

Ellison Die Cuts Available Chart – Enhance any classroom or bulletin board with our wide collection of die cuts. The die cuts also allow for terrific student manipulatives as well! ellison die cuts

Technology Lending Program- The SETC has various pieces of technology available for loan for up to two week periods.

· ChromeBooks

· Ipads

· Google Expedition Goggles

· Robotic's Kits (New for 2019!)

o 6 dash and dots

o 12 Ozobot Evos

o 2 sets of 12 3doodlers

o 5 Lego Wedo 2.0 kits

o 20 Microbits


Poster Printer-Limit 4 Posters

Template for the Button/Magnet Maker

Ellison Die Cuts Available Chart -

Technology Lending Program

Google Expeditions

Robotic's Kits

Email Dan Oggeri at DOggeri@wsboces.org or Tahisha Hunter at thunter@wsboces.org for more information about teacher center resources.