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When I was in the fourth grade attending East Suffolk Elementary School, my teacher Ms. Earl would hang up three huge posters in the front of the class on Fridays and instructed us to use our imagination. We had to create a story based on what we thought was going on in the photo.

After lunch, she selected a few of us to read aloud our stories. I always volunteered to read mine first or last, depending on how I felt. But, she never had to choose me. I imagined that I was part of the photo; my life was involved with whatever was going on. Because of my situations at home, I used writing as a form of escapism. This is where I developed my talent; a love for writing. It could take me anyplace I wanted to go. I invited others to come along with me. They were people I invented, totally devoid of real life and the problems that came along with it.

Life is full of pictures and stories that make up our existence. A photo speaks more than a thousand words. It speaks life . . . As a writer, I enjoy “Capturing people, life and events in a world of creativity through writing.”