How we stand out from the crowd

By creatively styling subtitles to your brand, we add a new layer of artistic interpretation for your viewers to unravel and enjoy, making your online content memorable and providing your consumers with a new and improved visual experience.

Improved accessibility:

Specialised subtitle strategy for deaf and hard of hearing viewers through visual sound effects and improved speaker recognition and characterisation.

Enhanced comprehension:

Particularly helpful for second language learners as they receive greater clarity and understanding of dialogue attributes such as rapid speech, accents, mumbling, names and technical terminology.

Increased convenience:

Viewers can enjoy digital content on any device in sound-sensitive environments, such as quiet offices or on noisy public transport.

Positive impact on literacy & reading abilities:

Excellent education tool for younger viewers by making reading practice an incidental, automatic and subconscious part of watching online videos.

Improved concentration:

Adding subtitles to your videos aids viewers with learning disabilities, attention deficits, or autism to maintain concentration and focus on your video content.

We would love to work with…

  • Genuine, friendly, ambitious and open-minded humanoid beings

  • Collaborators; people we can work with who understand the creative process

  • Trailblazers who are eager to try something different

  • Superheroes from the Marvel or DC universe... and Pickle Rick

Meet our creative director

Beth Evans

Beth did her undergraduate degree in languages (French, German & Spanish) at the University of Sheffield, where she gained excellent communication skills and her love of Sheffield. Straight after graduating, she worked as a Project Manager in a translation agency where she developed extensive organisational and project management skills. She also began working as a freelance translator, subtitler, proof-reader, transcriber and editor in her spare time.

In 2015, she decided to go back to University to undergo a Masters in Screen Translation (advanced translation and subtitling) to fulfil her goal of becoming a professional subtitler, which she completed with distinction in early 2017. Her dissertation involved a study of exploring the audience reception of creative subtitling and the potential for establishing creative subtitling as an alternative practice to the conventional subtitling method, which is where she had the initial idea for a creative subtitling company.

Since graduating she has been dedicated to setting up SUBTXT Creative and continues to do freelance work in her free time. She's currently in talks with the BBC to see if creative subtitles could be used for children's media.

Watch this space!

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