WORK - Week of 1/13

Monday -

History - American Revolution Flip book on Battles. First 2 pages should be finished. Liberty Kids video on Second Continental Congress.

Math - Bellringer Q 2: W6 - due Friday


Reading -Figurative language review as a group.

Spelling - none

Science - Code practice

Tuesday -

Math -

wkbk 393 #1-8 IXL M.11, M.12 Bellringer

Reading -

Bellringer Mentor Sentence Day 2 - together

Read Revenge of the Gods in StoryWorks. Theme sheet and genre discussion.

Figurative Language Slide Activity.

Writing -

Revise Paragraph from Friday.

History -

Discuss Ticonderoga and Bunker hill.... do flip book sheets

Wednesday -

Our MAPS test took awhile today. We are catching up from yesterday's work. The only new assignment was L.19 on IXL.

Thursday -

IXL 6th Grade Science K.1 and K.2

Science on waves next Wednesday.



IXL L.19, M.11, M.12, M.14

Bellringer assessments

History Flip Book