The Għaqda Studenti tat-­Teoloġija (GħST) is a faculty ­based student senate ­recognised organisation and the official student organisation of the Faculty of Theology. It is also one of the oldest and smallest student organisations still around. 

Originally the Royal University Students’ Theological Association, the Għaqda Studenti tat­-Teoloġija was formally founded in 1945. However, it was recently discovered that the Association was in fact a spin­off from an earlier society called ‘Ċirkolu ta’ Studju bejn l-­Istudenti tal-­Kors Akkademiku tat-Teoloġija’ whose first meeting was held on the 21st December 1942 at St Joseph’s Institute in Ħamrun.

Today, the Għaqda Studenti tat­-Teoloġija is above all else at the service of its members: the students reading theology at any level at the University of Malta. Għ.S.T. was the pioneer among Maltese student organisations to publish its own scientific review, “Melita Theologica”, which was first issued in 1947.

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Luke Vella

GħST President
Student Representative on the Faculty Board
Student Representative on the Board of Studies

Adam Baldacchino

GħST Vice-President

James Gafa'

GħST Secretary

Daniel Abela

GħST Treasurer
Student Representative on the Board of Studies

Karl Andrew Schembri

Student Representative on the Faculty Board

Matthew Sammut

Student Representative on the Faculty Board

And  Psaila

GħST Representative on the Melita Theologica
Administrative Board

Melita Theologica

Melita Theologica is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal published bi­annually since 1947. It is published under the joint collaboration of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Malta, the Theology Students Association and the Foundation for Theological Studies of the Archdiocese of Malta.

Melita Theologica contains articles penned by academics on a range of topics that includes systematics, biblical studies, spiritual and pastoral theology, bioethics, liturgy and psychology. At a time when different outlooks, new questions and contemporary challenges continue to mould Christian theological thought, Melita Theologica provides a forum for academic expression that interests and stimulates scholars and students alike.

The journal is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach, multiplicity of research perspectives and a broad reflection on philosophical and theological issues.