Are all the rooms furnished?

Yes, all rooms include a bed with bed linens, wardrobe/closet, a desk/table, lamp and chair.

How exactly does the shared accommodation work?

We have shared rooms available for rent. The cost is €300 per person per month. Shared rooms come equipped with two beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, etc. You can refuse a roommate for whatever reason, but in that case you will have to pay the regular price of a single room which is 450 €. Shared rooms for 3 or 4 persons may be available upon request. We can exceptionally ask you to share with somebody for a few days until a room becomes available-- girls with girls and boys with boys.

How far are you from Paris?

We are less than 20 min. away from central Paris (St. Michel-Notre Dame) by train on the RER C line.

Is the area where you are located safe? Are the rooms secure?

Yes, the area is safe, and rooms are secure, entry to the building is secured with a numeric code lock which is changed regularly. Insurance: La REZ doesn't cover you nor your belongings; please make sure you get your proper insurance.

Can I change the lock on my room?

No, this is not permitted. In case you lose your key or in cases of emergency the resident manager will have a master copy of all room keys. The cost for a new key is 30 euros and 100 euros for a new lock.

What day of the month must I pay the rent?

Rent must be paid at the beginning of each month, if payment is not received by the 4th, you will be charged a fee 1,00€ per day late with a minimum of 25 €.

Can I pay my rent in Cash?

It is not permitted to pay the manager in cash, but cash can be deposited directly to the bank at Savigny Plateau - 7 Bld Aristide Briand. The manager will provide the bank account details to you.

How do I schedule my arrival?

Please give us the date and time of arrival and departure as soon as you know it. Due to the fact that we have many reservations and the room cannot sit empty, make sure you change your date of arrival at least 30 days before the begining of the month. For example, if you reserve for the 1st, but you do not arrive until the 15th. You will still be charged from the 1st unless you give us 30 days prior notice. Same biweekly rules for "departure" will apply, if you arrive on the 24th you will be charged for a 1/2 month. If your room is not available immediately, exceptionally you might have to share a room for a few days (your price will be adjusted accordingly).

I need proof of accommodation in France in order to apply for a French Visa/Bank Account, can you provide this?

Yes, provided you have a paid reservation or are already staying here. Proof of Accomodation requests should be made to management at least 48 hours in advance.

When will I get my deposit back?

Provided your room is kept in good condition and you have no payments outstanding, we will refund your deposit after your departure from La Rez. Refunds are via bank wire transfer only to your French or international banking institution. Before you leave, you must provide us with all relevant banking information.

Can I use my deposit to pay for my last months rent?

Absolutely not, your deposit will only be refunded by wire transfer, with no exceptions. This is necessary for accounting-related purposes.

How much notice do I need to give before leaving?

Please see our Departure rules located here: One month notice before the beginning of the month should be provided via email

Can my friends/family stay here when they visit me?

Yes, the cost is 15€/night per person OR if they would like a room the charge is 30€ per night. (We can provide extra mattress/clean sheets.)

Can I receive phone calls at La Rez?

Yes the public phone # is 01 69 44 67 70 (incoming calls are free)

Can I receive mail at La Rez?

Yes the mailing address is: 39 Grande Rue, Savigny Sur Orge, 91600 France

What should I bring with me?

It is a good idea to bring your own bed sheets, cookware, cutlery, shower shoes/sandals & anything else that will make your stay comfortable. But, we can provide you with bed sheets, blanket and pillow.

Is there anything I need to do before I leave La Rez?

1) Empty & clean your fridge shelf 2) empty and clean your cupboard shelf 3) clean and vacuum your room (ask manager for vacuum) 4) remove your bed sheets & fold them on the bed 5) give us your banking info by email, so we can return your deposit 6) give your keys back to the manager, or leave them inside the room 7) write us by email with comments about your stay and what could be improved.

How do the washer and dryer work?

Currently, use of the washer and dryer is free. Please use cycle #8 for an economic cycle. Using the dryer, put in small loads only or your clothes will not be dry. Residents provide their own washing powder.

How will my security deposit be returned to me?

Your security deposit will be reimbursed only after your departure (less the bank charges). Under no circumstances can you use it to pay for last month's rent. The day you leave, you must provide us by email with all the details needed for us to transfer the funds to your account. You must provide us with all the details listed below after you have left...

Deposit Amount:

Date of Deposit:

Amount to be reimbursed:

Bank Name:

Bank Address:

Account Holders Name:

Address Account Number:



What are the conditions for the July, August and December discounts?

Summer discounts are available only for stays of one to two months completed between July 1st and August 31st. December discounts are only available for one-month stays for the full month of December.

Do I get anything if I refer a friend to stay at La REZ?

Current or previous residents receive a 10% commission from the first month's rent of every first-time client who stays at La REZ via the resident's referral.