Student-Centred Learning Resources


The Water team is excited to present to you our website "Student-Centred Learning: Subject Specific Resources ".

It was just the two of us in the group - Geetha and Alysha - so we wanted to make our website simple, practical, and based on our own subject knowledge. We both took our subject specialties and evaluated web-based resouces and activities for those disciplines. Our goal is to provide colleagues with online activities to enhance your classroom teaching with a focus on student-centred learning.

We rated each resource based on a few criteria and ranked them based on our experience using the resource.

Ease of Use - How intuitive is this resource for teachers? How quickly can a teacher introduce this tool in the classroom?

Engagement - how fun will this be for the students? Will it challenge students at all levels in your classroom?

Student-Centered Learning - how much does this resource encourage student inquiry? How will the students discover new knowledge with this resource?


online resources for the traditional classroom