Workshop Agenda

Below is an itinerary overview of the Summer 2023 workshop followed brief descriptions of each day's activities.

Brief Descriptions of Daily Activities

Day 1: Researchers Lead

Researchers orient the teachers to the project's goals and concepts, and to the rationale for using games to teach and assess these concepts. Researchers then engage the teachers in world-building games that rely on Stretchy Minds concepts, followed by time for teachers to invent their own variations on these games. 

Day 2: Teachers Lead

Teachers implement the games and their own variations. They circulate throughout and rotate through the roles of shepherds (facilitators), owls (observers), and coyotes (tricksters who provoke rule changes through the use of "what if?" questions). 

Day 3: Kids Lead

Concepts of change are connected to creativity and innovation and are further explored through new and old games with new and old materials. Kids build new worlds as they design and implement their own games, too.