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Do You Let Yourself Go After Getting Married?

I think there’s something to say about how you keep yourself at your best when you’re single and looking to get married. While this is based on my own anecdotal evidence, just hear me out.

So, I remember the time before I got married and keeping myself in good shape while also making sure to take care of my teeth very well every single day. I ate a lot better. I worked a lot harder. I tried to work out and run, no matter how hot of a summer day it was. I did this all because I was looking for a new relationship, and how could I neglect myself at a period in time that I wanted to attract someone else attractive?

This is the mindset I had before meeting my now wife. Even early on in our married life I would take care of myself by working out, running, and keeping up on my dental hygiene like I never have before. That’s because I wanted her to continue liking me.

But as time has progressed, things have slipped through the cracks. I’ve put on slightly more weight. I’ve stopped working out. I’ve eaten poorly. And I’ve neglected the best health I could give my teeth.

While I still brush daily, I know I could be better about all of these things. Just because we’re married and happy doesn’t mean I can’t do the small things to return my body and health to its peak condition. I don’t even think I need to do it for the sake of our married life, as I know we’ll be fine no matter what.

No, I need to do it for myself. If there’s anything I’m not a fan of in life, it’s people not applying themselves when they could do so much better. Well, guess who’s falling into that trap right here and now? I am.

I think it’s easier to change when you admit these sorts of things to yourself. From there, it only gets better when you realize you need to talk it out with your spouse. I know that if I tell her all of these things, she’ll sit down with me and listen, and after she’ll be encouraging to keep up on those things I want to change. All it takes is me admitting this to myself and then to her, and I know things will get back on track.