The Link Between Stress, Cortisol and Periodontitis

The oral cavity is a mixture of complex organs and systems that are connected with each other. The gums and teeth are the on compound that help in chewing the food whereas as it is specified that the tongue has the most bacteria that needs to be clean on regular basis.

The gums and their soft tissues are very sensitive and if not cared properly can be dangerous because of bad hygiene. Any pain in the body is a cause of stress. It may be a headache, or any pain. That stress may encounter difficulties in daily life chores. If you have pain in any part of the body that means you have stress and if you are having stress you can’t do anything properly. So to manage that stress level you need to figure out the problem and its solutions as soon as possible.

The link among the stress, Cortisol and Periodontitis:

When most of the people are in stress they want to eat more. All of us know this.

But the question is why?

When a person is in the stress, there is a hormone that is called Cortisol. That is secreted in our body. Many think that the stress has something to do with emotions. They are not wrong but there is a physical link also connected to the body with stress a person takes. The cortisol is released in a heavy amount when a person is in stress. It decreases the blood sugar level. This makes a person hungrier than before. When a person is hungry he or she wants to eat more sweets resulting in the cavities and periodontitis. One has to be wise enough to manage the stress not only by eating sweets by figuring out the solution of the problem. This will help remove the stress in analytical way.

The link among the oral Hygiene, stress and Periodontitis:

You don’t brush or clean your teeth on regular basis really? Is there any individual among us? Yes there are people who remain unclean in their physical hygiene. How we can expect to have a good oral hygiene. Dirty mouths and smelly breaths, it seems so pathetic.

Everybody knows that hygiene is basic esthetics to be maintained not for others but for you. You want to stay healthy, you want to look good, you want to stand and laugh among the people, that means you are the one responsible for the hygiene that is required by the body. Especially the oral cavity that needs more attention span because anything that goes into your body is through your mouth. Teeth are the ones that will chew, gums are the ones that support the tooth health and the tongue is the one that has most digestive bacteria to start digestive process of food into the oral cavity.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy:

You eat healthy you get good results for your body and soul. You are healthy and fit without any pain. The moment you start being lazy for yourself you start having problems. Managing your daily life is very important and eating habits must be the focal point. Eat healthy stay healthy is a formula you need to follow for a healthy well being.


Cleaning your teeth, maintain the oral health relieves a lot of stress. But if you are not brushing your teeth twice a day, not flossing your teeth or using a mouth wash if you have excessive eating habits, and if in such conditions you have stress. Believe me you would be having a lot of trouble for your teeth. The tooth enamel is very sensitive and stress in the body and mind can cause tooth grinding habits during the sleep. This will damage the teeth in a very bad way. Furthermore, you shouldn't also miss consultation with your Kennewick Dentist on regular basis to ensure that your oral health is at its best.