How to Storyboard

Storyboarding is the most effective way to communicate story ideas with pictures.

There are many ways to create storyboards

  1. Drawing with Pencil on Paper - not for me, I can't draw
  2. Drawing with Software - still can't draw
  3. Software with artwork included - my favorite
  4. 3D Storyboard Software - takes too long
  5. Hire a storyboard artist - too much money

I like using software that will help me finish quickly and brainstorm easily. After all, I want to shoot the movie for real, not make the movie in the computer. That's why I like the 2D software with artwork built-in. The 3D stuff takes way too long to get anything done.

Plus, when creating your storyboard in software specifically for storyboard process there's no need to start with templates. The template format will be based on layout choices made after you're done composing shots. Depending on the software, you can choose from numerous ways to present your boards when the project is digital. Some software can print boards and make a movie file with sound.

Below are some videos that explain how you can use their software much easier than drawing by hand.

Walkthrough Digital Method

Watch as Paul take you through the basics of StoryBoard Quick storyboarding software. This is a good demo to watch for beginners that pickup the software for the first time.

Learn more at the Storyboard Quick Website

The people at PowerProduction Software are awesome and have been helping people for a long time understand storyboards and have created different versions of digital software to help storytellers go from ideas to images. Here is a cool blog post about beginning storyboarding.

Another how-to demo

This demo shows a bit more from a different company that makes clip art.

The sales demo

This is the salesy demo of the 6.1 version.

The Advanced Version

This is the demo of Storyboard Quick Studio that automatically creates storyboards for you. Check out this short demo that shows how easy it is to pick the shot you want with simple choices.

The Super Advanced Version

This storyboard software is called Storyboard Artist. It has a ton more features for really detailed storyboards with motion, sound and 3D. I use it when presenting to a client.