Storyblocks Review Press Release 1

IMHO Reviews Release Storyblocks Review Video

IMHO Reviews released a detailed video review of a subscription-based stock video, audio and image platform called Storyblocks.

The video review covers everything that one should know about Storyblocks before joining the platform. It includes a detailed overview of all three Storyblocks libraries: video, audion, and images, a price breakdown, licensing information, platform's pros and cons, and alternatives. "I believe that Storyblocks is a great company. However, there were no detailed reviews of it before, and we decided to fix that," - said Vitaliy, the owner of IMHO Reviews.

In their video, IMHO Reviews also shared the experience of real Storyblocks users and talked about the most common issues people might face when using the service and ways to avoid them. "People often make the same mistakes when they first join the platform and some end up having a bad experience because of that. That doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with Storyblocks; it's an excellent service. We wanted to make sure our viewers know how to get the most value from the service and explained how to use it in order to do achieve that goal," - stated Anna, a content manager at IMHO Reviews.

"We didn't include a detailed review of Storyblocks and their competitors because we didn't want to make the video too long, and also because they all have different business models. However, you can find it on our website. In the near future, we will also make a series of posts that compare popular platforms that offer unlimited stock footage. The first one is going to be Storyblocks vs. Envato Elements. We are looking forward to sharing it with our readers and see what they think," - noted Anna.

IMHO Reviews are very excited about the release of their latest video. Their main goal is to clear up the most common misconceptions about Storyblocks and explain to their viewers how to use stock services.