Storyblocks Free Trial Press Release 1

Imho Reviews Publishes Storyblocks Free Trial Overview Video And Discusses Whether Its Worth It

MHO Reviews has recently received an important e-mail from Storyblocks regarding the company shutting down its Marketplace. Some members were not happy to hear the news. The e-mail that IMHO Reviews received from Storyblocks mentioned new features they have recently introduced into their platform and explains why the fact that the company is shutting down the Marketplace is actually a good thing.

"Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work trying to deliver what you’ve been asking for - a bigger, better Member Library with more high-quality content. So far, we’ve: increased the size of the Member Library by 10x, improved our search algorithms, added more relevant curated content with collections and trending topics."

According to Storyblocks announcement, less than 5% of the platform members ever purchased footage from the Marketplace, and because of that, they decided to close it down. The company further emphasizes that this decision was based on users needs, wishes, and preferences. "There was one thing that most of you disliked - the pay-per-clip Marketplace. You told us that you didn't want to see pay-per-clip content on our site that wasn't included in your subscription."

In the meantime, IMHO Reviews team is working on a series of reviews about other stock video websites. They have already chosen seven of the most popular and affordable services in 2019 and are planning to write a detailed review of each one of them in the near future.

"Every person is different, and I believe that there is no one stock video website that will work for everyone. We are going to review various services so that every one of our readers could choose the one that is right for them. Every platform is worth reviewing as has its own unique features. " - added Anna.