We suspect people love coffee shops not simply because of coffee (or any beverage, really).

We think it's the experience that surrounds the visit. It's being invited to enjoy a moment that's all yours in a welcoming place away from home. It's having a place where you feel belonging and acceptance, where the people who serve you value you as a person more than a transaction.

But to be sure, the best beverage can bring that experience to its peak.

It's that personal touch that began to draw us into coffee over 10 years ago. At that time, the modern approach to coffee which inspires us today was just beginning to really take hold in the coffee industry. This modern perspective (what some call "third-wave" or "specialty") tends to be characterized by an emphasis on a coffee's natural flavors - those inherent "tasting notes" that arise as a result of the coffee's natural characteristics and which only shine through as a result of careful farming, delicate roasting, and precise brewing.

We'd love to say more, but you're probably not here for an essay on coffee production. Simply, we think coffee can be naturally beautiful and super tasty and our approach will reflect that. When your coffee tastes good enough to not need cream or sugar, or so good that you don't want to add anything to it and mask the flavors you're enjoying, we'll know we're hitting our mark.

(...Not that we're against cream and sugar. Certain Storied co-owners have been known to indulge in a pumpkin spice latte or peppermint mocha from time to time...)

Some coffee shops do a good job of making you feel dumb or uncool for not knowing about their menu items or looking the way they look. Others let you visit for months without learning your name.

Our goal is the opposite: to make no one feel alienated in our shop. We want to invite people into our specialty coffee experience so that they have room to learn and develop a taste for something potentially new. We don't know everything, but we're always learning! And we're happy to chat.

We're stoked to make this home in our little village and to be a much-needed neighborhood hangout. Someone once asked, "What is a 'storied' coffee?"

Well, it's a coffee that tells a story. Come write yours.