What is this?:

Stop Motion Jam was created in April 2017 as an annual jam/hackathon for rekindling art and film skillsets for stop motion animation in digital mediums.

When is this going on?

Hosted annually, remotely, online! Submissions open around April to June!

Do I have to make a game and what if I'm not craftsy:

As always if you're not interested in arts and crafts or simply don't want to or have the time to animate with real materials and camera, it is perfectly acceptable and recommended to find alternative ways to emulate the medium too! The jam's goal is not intended for authenticity, play-ability, and or ranking; it's sole purpose is for creatives to get together and informally learn to use an eccentric art/animation technique for a game or visual experience and have fun doing so!

Who had the time and drive to start this thing?:

Me - Jacob Peltola, I'm a game developer with a background in video production who grew up loving movies/games with wacky stop motion art-styles. I played around with a camcorder making stop motion Lego/Clay movies at a young age, making and creating things that brought people joy or amusement made me pursue game design, development, and the arts! You read all the way to here? Want or know how to help contribute to this event? Email us!: stopmotionjam@gmail.com

Special thanks to itch.io for project and jam page hosting!