Beauty from the Broken

Stone artist Gary DuBois creates beautiful artwork from "re-purposed" stone — broken pieces of countertop stone headed for the landfill.

Working from my modest workshop, I find inspiration in the beauty of the stone itself and in the natural world around my Kentucky home. 

When I first begin carving into the stone, it quickly becomes a mess of broken shards and jagged edges. But after hours of dust and striving, surfaces finally smooth and begin to clear and a window opens up letting me see into the heart of the stone. New and beautiful features, hidden from time immemorial, are revealed for the first time. 

Every piece of natural stone is unique, presenting fresh opportunities for discovery and wonder as each new carving unfolds.

Over the course of working with stone from discarded scraps, I’ve come to see this work as a redemptive metaphor — beauty and value restored to the broken and rejected. In a society full of broken and hurting people the story of these stones reminds me that there is hope. Hope of redemption even for broken people, like me.

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Juried member — Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen

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