The Unwritten Timetable

Some early reviews -

“A thoroughly enjoyable tale of murder, mystery and intrigue, that doesn’t let up until the end. With a style, graced with wit and charm, the author has produced an excellent debut novel.” L.Smith *****

"I just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Gangsters, amnesia, confusion, money, murder, a crazy quasi-religious nut-case, art and characters you get to know well all play a part in this exciting novel. The plot keeps you guessing, right up until the exciting final scene. Give it a read!" Rob N. *****

"I loved it, like a slow burning film, you get drawn into the characters lives, every subtle part, bit by bit, then the s**t hits the fan. The era (90's) evoked a lot of memories, and the lack of technology then (I'd forgotten what it was like to live without a mobile/the internet!). The main parts are a young guy (20 something) and an old man (60's+?), the young guy's mates and a whole host of others that weave an intricate plot, sub plot and sub-sub plot, that could be expanded into entire books themselves, but all merge into an, at times bizarre, but ultimately satisfying story, with a good few creepy twisty bits to keep you on your toes. I got the kindle version, but might invest in the paperback for the hell of it" J. English *****

"I just finished reading The Unwritten Timetable last night. It was a great read...I bought the Kindle version of this book (I have the PC app). I love a good mystery. As I read this book, I could picture the places in my mind. I spent many a late night glued to my computer, reading, I was so engrossed in the story. A homeless man, an artist, and a crazy man. The homeless man could have left the artist for dead, after he was beaten up, but he chose to help him; and that is really where the twists and turns start. The artist has amnesia from being beaten up and can't remember anything of his life, at the beginning. The homeless man has a 'story' of his own (enter the crazy man), that he shares with the artist as they become friends. There is a lot more I could say about this book, but I don't want to give it all away. This is a MUST READ if you love a good mystery like I do. I was not disappointed. Can't wait to see what's next!! :)" C. L. Rose *****

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