Weekly Game Jam Games

What's a Game Jam?

Where many game developers get together online and create games.

Why do i do them?

It allows me to learn and grow in the industry I hold so dear to my heart.

The Games I Have made

Weird name, I know. But once you start playing, you'll forget why you started, and never stop.

My first game in the #WeeklyGameJam

It was such a success and it was great to see that people loved it.

My second and most incomplete game.

I didn't enjoy making it, so people didn't enjoy playing it.

It's only on here really to keep a record.

Warning: Very Unfinished

This one took me the longest.

It was my favorite game to make because it was the first game I started using upgrades.

People loved it, and I loved it. A great combination if you ask me.

Also one of my favorites.

I'm glad I came up with the concept of this game.

It really allowed me to hone down some of my skills.