Other Services

Formex Traders Limited is pleased to provide full-service stone template, fabrication and installation services. At each stage of your project, you can expect expert and professional service where quality and your satisfaction is our goal. Our professionals are trained in the most current techniques and utilize the latest technologies.


Once we have firmed up the details of your project and we have a signed contract, our general manager will schedule a template to be made of your project.


After your template has been created, your project is then put into the production schedule. The template is laid on the slab of stone, then our lead fabricator will position the template so the color as well as the veining match as closely as possible. This is a crucial step as a well matched seam will make your surface flow seamlessly


OK! So now your project is ready for installation! Our highly trained installers go to great lengths to treat you and your house with the professionalism and respect it deserves