St. Mark Women of Grace

Embark on a transforming journey ...

"tend your inner garden”

Come re-discover yourself as a woman.

Grow in spirituality.

Learn about our Catholic faith,

Discover your purpose and your mission,

Be inspired by women saints and Mary!

Our Catholic Study "Full of Grace"

About the Study

Full of Grace is the catholic foundational study created by Johnnette Benkovic, nationally recognized catholic author, speaker, tv and radio host.

The study is approved by the church, by means of having the stamps of Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, which mean they are free of doctrinal or moral error. The study also has approval of our Most Rev. Archbishop Tomas Wenski, Archdiocese of Miami.

Letter Approval Archbishop Tomas Wenski,Archdiocese of Miami

About the author

Johnnette Benkovic, is a nationally recognized catholic author, speaker. She also hosts the daily television show WOMEN OF GRACE® broadcasted on EWTN, She also host the radio series also by the same name on catholic radio.

The Experience

Small Group Study



Group discussions

We will discuss in class the readings we were assigned, where we will learn topics like:

The Holy Mass and its parts

The sacraments

The Eucharist and the True Presence

how to be a "true friend"

our emotions in relation to God

our emotions and other people

recognizing the power of prayer

types of prayer

The Holy Spirit

obedience (to God)

the importance of forgiveness


our mission as women

being thankful


how to praise God

the Virgin Mary and her mission

biographies of women saints

Marian apparitions approved by the Vatican

Next study starts in

January, 2020!

Graduating Classes

English Women of Grace #3

English Women of Grace #4

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Message to Women at the Closure of the Vatican II Council

"The hour is approaching, in fact has arrived, in which the vocation of the woman is being recognized in all its fullness, the hour in which the woman acquires in the world an influence, an effect, a power never reached until now. That is why, in this moment in which humanity is experiencing such a profound transformation, women full of the spirit of the Gospel can help humanity not to degenerate.

Reconcile men with life. And above all, watch, we beg you, for the future of our species. Stop the hand of the man who in a moment of madness tried to destroy human civilization.

Women of the universe, to whom life is entrusted in this grave moment of history, It is up to you to save the peace of the world."

~ Pope Paul VI December 8, 1965

Has the study filled you with grace and you are feeling a call to serve?

Help us here in St Mark touch more women's lives, or take this study to your parish or your country .