Success Factors

Our people-focused company culture enables us to attract and retain highly skilled consultants. Your goals can be realized through the strategic use of our uniquely qualified professionals. Whether working at a client individually or as a team, we have established five success factors that differentiate STLCG.

Experience - STLCG project team members are established professionals with extensive information technology experience. “Trainees” participate only with the client’s prior knowledge and consent.

Innovation - The ability to “think outside the box” is what elevates an experienced person to a technical leader. STLCG offers more than expert individuals; we offer innovators who provide alternatives beyond the standard “textbook” answers.

Commitment - We are dedicated to the success of each client. Whether day one or year five, complete client satisfaction is our first priority.

Excellence - Quality, second to none. STLCG is assembled and organized to ensure our status as a consistent, winning team.

Partnership - Our goal is to elevate the typical vendor/client relationship to that of a mutually beneficial business partnership by consistently delivering the Experience, Innovation, Commitment and Excellence that contributes to the attainment of your goals.