St Joseph's Catholic School


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mob: 021 155 5858 


VISION :  Living – Loving – Learning with Christ as our guide 

We believe that :

  All students can learn

 Challenges help us to grow

 Learning is a life-long process

 All people are created by God and should be valued and respected

MISSION STATEMENT : To provide students with an excellent future-focussed education in a Catholic environment.

St Joseph’s Catholic School was established in 1930 with the encouragement of the Parish by the Little Sisters of St Joseph as a Catholic convent.  It continues to provide education in a modern Catholic environment with a special emphasis on Christian values.  

The school is proud of its Catholic heritage and its special connection to St Mary of the Cross, (Mary Mackillop) founder of the Little Sisters of St Joseph and Australasia’s first Saint.

The school caters for children from Years 0 to 8

Our children learn in a happy and caring family environment.


St Joseph's is state-integrated Catholic Primary School. As a Catholic school our Special Character is at the heart of all we do. Gospel values underpin our daily lives.

We value our Christian faith. We deliver a morals based education through which our children should clearly understand the difference between right and wrong.

We respect each child’s uniqueness and the special attributes they bring to the school.The Catholic Special Character is not something simply “added on” to what would otherwise be a secular State school. Nor does it merely refer to Religious Education, ceremonies and observances. The Catholic Character actually provides the framework within which the whole school curriculum is delivered; it is, in fact, integral to everything that takes place in the school, or on behalf of the school, and its community. Properly observed and practised it also provides a climate of hope, inspiration and service for all members of the school community.

You can learn about ways to help your child with their faith understanding by accessing the Family Whanau book at


At St Joseph's Catholic school, Jesus’s Christian values are taught and upheld. The school’s identity and culture, and its support for student well-being, are focused on these values. 

Our Charism is that of St Mary of the Cross (Mary MacKillop)  and this aligns with our 4 C's: 

Consideration - Make room for all 

Co-operation - Do your bit

Commitment - Listen to God’s call 

Care - An attitude of gratitude

With these phrases to guide us, we strive to live a life true to the Gospel values, as Mary Mackillop did. 

We encourage, support and respect each other and care for others as Mary Mackillop would have - "Never see a need without trying to do something about it"

Taking part in the Keep NZ Beautiful to clean up the environment around the school and surrounding areas.