Supporting your child at home

Basic Words Reading Folders

These folders contain the words for each colour level of the reading wheel for the first one to two years of school. These words are the common reading words found in the books that your child will bring home and are a useful tool in early reading that helps to develop fluency.

Magenta (Levels 1-2)

Magenta Reading.pdf

Red (Levels 3-5)

Red Reading.pdf

Yellow (Levels 6-8)

Yellow Reading.pdf

Blue (Levels 9-11)

Blue Reading.pdf

Green (Levels 12-14)

Green Reading.pdf


Printable flash cards for each reading level. These cards can be used to play games such as Memory, Snap and Fish.

Magenta (Levels 1-2)

Magenta Words.pdf

Red (Levels 3-5)

Red Words.pdf

Yellow (Levels 6-8)

Yellow Words.pdf

Blue (Levels 9-11)

Blue Words.pdf

Green (Levels 12-14)

Green Words.pdf

Supporting your child with Spelling

These leaflet contain Lists from the Essential Words for Writing and Spelling lists. They are some of the 290 words that are used most often in children’s writing. Because they are used so often, it is very important that your child learns to use and to spell each one to ensure fluent writing, confidence and success with writing.

The leaflet also contains a flow chart as a suggested way to help your child learn these words. There are also some other fun ways to learn these words on the back page.

Essential List 1-3

Essential Lists 1-3 Spelling Booklet.pdf

Essential List 4-5

Essential Lists 4-5 Spelling Booklet.pdf

Essential List 6

Essential Lists 6 Spelling Booklet.pdf

Essential List 7

Essential Lists 7 Spelling Booklet.pdf