The first ever film made by us. A stickman drawing comes to life and a boys life changes, but not everything is as it seems. 

Pretty Good Week

A teenage drug dealer must skip town with his friend after discovering a gang and the police are both out for him. But even after leaving, not everything goes to plan. 

What now?

Cameron, a disillusioned teenager, dies after getting in a car accident. Upon arriving in purgatory, he is informed by an angel in order to go to Heaven he must 'save' someone on Earth. But he will soon discover it is not as easy as he would have expected. 

Night and Wrong

An ethical insomniac tries to prevent his immoral gangster friend from killing a civilian at 3:00 AM while attempting to survive the deadly gang-infested underbelly of their neighborhood.  

Under the Streetlight

A paranoid man goes out in the middle of the night, soon realising he is being stalked by a mysterious figure lurking under the streetlight.

The Man in Red

A young mute hitman lured to violence by his alter ego, ‘The Man in Red’, falls for a girl, but his tendency to violence puts everything at risk. 

Missing Memories

Two criminals who were once friends must reckon with the sins of the past when one of them is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. 

A Sons Call

A tormented son attempts to call his long-lost father with the aid of his best friend.

Have You Met Harry?

Two filmmakers document their lonely friend’s attempt at finding love with the help of his playboy buddy.

Midnight Lights

A class clown escapes from his abusive household and voyages into a night of depravity and loneliness as he meets old friends, new enemies, and attempts to survive in an ever changing landscape of emotional isolation.


A boy and his friend go to the ocean to disperse the ashes of his adopted brother. 


A boy visits his childhood farmhouse and recalls memories of his time there with his younger brother, as he searches for a missing soccer ball.


A skilled and meticulous home invader, Ash, tempts fate in the pursuit of performing what he considers could be his masterpiece: a daylight robbery, armed with nothing but an empty gun.