Steve Whittaker

Professor of Human Computer Interaction,

University of California at Santa Cruz

swhittak [at] ucsc [dot] edu

Technology is transforming our everyday lives, how we think, interact and feel. I work at the intersection of Social and Computer Science in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). I study how technology is affecting fundamental aspects of our lives, and use insights from the social sciences to design effective new personal digital tools. My current interests are in digital health, and in designing smart, transparent tools to help regulate our emotions and understand ourselves better. I am also interested in conversational agents and digital identity.

I am Editor of Human Computer Interaction. I was awarded a Lifetime Research Achievement Award from SIGCHI, the society of Human Computer Interaction professionals. I am also a Fellow of the Association of Computational Machinery (ACM), and a member of the CHI Academy Here's a recent CV and bio.

Office Hours: 3-5 Tuesdays, contact me for an appointment.

Publications: A quick way to access my publications, Google Scholar or more exhaustively.

Book: a recentish book, The Science of Managing Our Digital Stuff, MIT Press, 2016.

Video: to get a sense of our research, here's a video of a keynote, and media coverage.